Thursday, December 5, 2013

mY plan to focus....

My plan was all but impossible, no way can I stick to just one creative outlet. I wanted it to work, but I just keep going back to other things.... hopefully I focused a bit though as I did get some of what I set out to do done, but then new ideas come up, and new requests. My oldest daughter put 5 stars on only one item on her Christmas list: a painting she requested of the Syracuse basketball logo guy,Otto; a unicorn; and a velociraptor. She requested it last year and I said I didn't see it happening, then she stuck it on her list again this year so I pretty much have to give it a shot. I'll let you know how it's going next week. Here's another mandala I started as well.... I have a copy saved that I am putting on etsy as a downloadable digital coloring book page.

 A friend of mine is taking some of my rocks and pendants to a local craft show for me....
here they are in progress being spray sealed on newspaper....

and since I have some bee rocks, here's just one bee photo from this summer. bringing in some color to my dark post....

Bee love last summer
remembering their constant
hum and busy flight

I may shoot for a Christmasy post next week, maybe.


 I just posted to Haiku my heart and saw the sad news that Joe Spado  of the Round Circle blog passed away on December 3rd. He was known to many of us in blogland and I am lucky enough to have traded a painted rock for one of his dream catchers. He and his encouraging, thoughtful comments will be missed.....


  1. I remember your falling ladies nameplate, but you have changed it. I love all the different things that you do--all wonderful. I'm coming via Rebecca's Twelve Days of Mary and I'm wondering if I've gone to the wrong link. Regardless, I'm glad I visited.

  2. I just adore these rocks - they are so fun - especially the tiny village. Nice to have a friend to sell your work…. like having an agent :) Happy ppf.

  3. The rocks are just gorgeous. The delicate white designs are nicely set off by the grey stone. Good luck with the art for your daughter. Sounds... difficult!

  4. Thank you for this lovely haiku to remind me of summer and that mesmerizing hum of the bees as they flit from flower to flower. My condolences on the loss of your friend and our fellow blogger Joe.

  5. We shall all miss Joe, you have something special to remember him by...
    life goes on as the hum of bees,
    sweet as it is....x

  6. {{ i come here & am always inspired
    fail !! }}

    yes yes
    we shall all miss joe
    beyond measure ...
    & his comments
    & stories
    & his joe*way of looking at things ...

    how fortunate i feel to have met him
    through blogging ...

    isn't life grand
    in how it unfolds
    joins us together

  7. Lovely art work and haiku and always so sad to lose our online loved ones ~ his Spirit lives on ~ thanks, carol, xxx

  8. Love your stones Andrea, great Haiku.

  9. Very nice projects and intricate work!

  10. Lovely new rock magic, Lady ! They will make sweet pendants !
    Missing our friend Joe as well. He was a special gift to our Friday gatherings.
    Sending love and light your way !

  11. your mandala looks beautiful and I LOVE your painted rocks-especially the owls! I didn't know Joe but it is always sad to hear of a cyber art friend's passing. We become as connected as our personal friends. Sorry for the loss.

  12. gorgeous post my friend...I was going to tell you about Joe,
    but I knew you would find out soon enough.
    I think your books should have arrived today...sorry for the delay.
    ♥ ♥ ♥

  13. I'd love to see the painted mandala. I bet you sell a lot at the craft show. How nice of them to bring your items for you. Sweet!

  14. Love your rocks and the mandala looks interesting

  15. The painted rocks are great! I love the little bee. I will look forward to seeing your mandala when it's finished :)

  16. You have one of Joe's dream catchers? Blessed you!

  17. Your posts are always honey... sweet images and words that always inspire me. Thank you Andrea!

  18. I really like all of the art here. Wonderful rock art.

  19. I was painting mandala's too last week - after suffering from a burn-out, I like to 'heal' my thoughts every now and then by colouring mandalas to set my mind to ease... I, too, traded art for one of Joe's dream catchers (see my Friday-haiku-post). I cherish it even more now. Joe's spirit will always be among us on Fridays.

  20. What a nice post - full of yummies!

  21. Lovely work, I enjoy so much of the nature feeling that radiates from your art!

  22. beautiful work… our Joe will be missed.