Friday, November 22, 2013

Focusing is hard

I have been busy with birthdays and things of that sort lately, but I have also been trying out a new plan to concentrate on one thing at a time. Give all my creative free time focus to just that one thing, but since focusing is where I run into trouble I decided to just stick with one hobby for a month. Just one, good lord that's hard. My mind normally flits between painting in acrylic, in watercolor, making things in clay and stringing beads for necklaces & needlefelting, and writing and tons of other crafts. I don't do as many of the other things besides painting but they are still on my mind if I had time. So to cut down on that mental clutter I told myself, just one, and I have had a story in my head for awhile now so I have been concentrating on that for a few weeks instead of painting. It's going ok but already after just 2 weeks I had to paint a mandala again, just had to.

 This one is large, whatever bigger size comes after 11x17, the next size up in watercolor pads....
 watching water flow
the liquid color rolling
helped by my small brush
And I have tons of paintings and photos to show you that I have done over the summer and never posted...  I'll get a few photographed for next week....

but first...

I got these in the mail.... some things I had made up at café press with my paintings. If you are interested you can find them in my etsy shop this weekend or you can get them from café press, or you can put your own images on items at café press. It was very easy to set up, my only problem so far is that I have about 8 designs that are available thru café press so far and someone out there has already purchased the falling with a pink pig on an apron!!!!!, (thank you, out there) so I know my images can be found but they don't show up in my "shop" there. If any one has advice for using café press I could use the help, but actually other than that it was very easy to use.

This might work as a link to my designs, and here's café press's link....

 you can see the magnet here...

 and a note card....

 These little buttons have a pin back but also fit into the tiny pendant lockets you can get in gift shops or on etsy, I can't think of the name of the shop, I'll have to show you later...
 these ornaments are thin, light metal, I thought I would sign the back for my etsy shop.....

See ya next week...


  1. Wow gorgeous products...I hope demdaco comes by and scoops you up to license one day!! You have some really unique pieces! I think staying focused will work well for you!! All the best!

    Hugs Giggles

  2. So much beautiful art here! I love your CafePress products. Really pretty! And the Mandala is wonderful with a super design.

  3. I have the same problem. In fact, my word for this year is Focus because I need to work on that! And hopping around to everyone's blog always makes me want to add even more projects. I see a cool journal page and realize I haven't worked in my journal and miss it, I see a collage and miss that and want to start one right now, ect. It's hard to focus! I want to do it all, LOL! Love your pile of cafe press goodies. That painting with the pig is wonderful! The ornaments, the magnets, all of it is so pretty.

  4. Love the mandela. I share your problem, so many interests. Really love the CafePress products also.

  5. beautiful mandala and a wonderful selection of projects for your Etsy shop!

  6. Awesome, all of it! The ornaments are so cute!

  7. I love what you made from your art - so petite and colorful. The mandala is beautiful. I will have to check out that site.

  8. love ypur magnets! So beautiful .....

  9. Your little brush brings all kinds of wonderful things to life !
    I like the idea of focusing your creative time, but only one thing ? That would be so hard. Maybe two ? ;)
    That's me, always looking for ways around the rules.
    These things from café press are so awesome ! Have too look into that.
    Hope your weekend creative time is delightful !

  10. I am always doing this and that, too. I thrive on variety and can really feel how difficult it would be to focus on only one thing for a whole month!
    Love the products and the mandala is beautiful. :)

  11. SO cool!! Your painting just flows with such wonderful color harmony! And your little ornaments and pins are wonderful! Your artwork is just amazing on those little trinkets :)

  12. I commend you for trying to focus on just one thing for a whole month. I can't even do it for one day, lol! Your mandala, and your shop items are just gorgeous!!