Thursday, September 19, 2013

scattered thoughts

a week of hot cold, up down and in between...
but I think it's better to leave out the details of my fragmented concentration,
and just go with the photo highlights...
(well maybe also to say Thank God; Goddess; the Universe; a guy named Jack under the bridge; or a big silver fish in the sky
for my husband who always reminds me everything will be OK,
 because it will!!!!)


purple flowers left
pollen covered bees busy
ignoring my clicks

I have been photographing bees on flowers all summer, easy to get, but hard to get the perfect one, you may have to see more next week...
and the week after...

Of course I made a mandala...

I don't usually have family pics on my blog 
but I was out taking photos for my older son's senior portrait....
this one is my favorite, not for the yearbook
but for me,
as it's actually "him" caught in between forced smiles for the shots he was ready for... 
I googled 'ideas for senior portraits' to come up with the idea to pose him on the tracks....
google is so great like that
and it's my Dad's birthday today....
Happy Birthday Dad!
and a few pages in my sketchbook...
someday I will make  a flip-through video of my sketchbooks....

I totally did not have a good purple available to paint with .... yuk to that!

 That's it for now I guess....
I have been painting maps, imaginary places, lots of them...
but that is for another week...


  1. Wonderful post! You need to sketch that photo of your son. Love his body posture!

  2. I agree with Susan- his photo says so much with just his pose! You have more courage then I do with the bees- they have chased me out of the garden 3 times this week...

  3. Great photography of the flower and bee and a wonderful shot of your son. I love the loose style you have and the colours you use for your work

  4. Beautiful sketches of flowers and what a lovely shot of your son.
    Have a great weekend
    Happy PPF

  5. Beautiful photography and sketches! I love the picture of your son. It's very expressive, and the setting is beautiful! Where is that?

  6. Wonderful post, my son is the same way about having his picture taken! HPPF!

  7. Great post, beautiful paintings and lovely family photos.

  8. I really like that picture, too. I like the unposed ones the best, too. Love what I can see of the pages in your sketchbook--and you purple mandala and busy bees. Great post! :)

  9. Love all the highlighted bits you shared here today, Andrea. Keeping the focus there is surely the way to get through the fragmented pieces floating around us.
    The mention of the big silver fish in the sky made me smile !
    I hope the path gets clearer and smoother on the way to it all being okay.
    Light and love !

  10. I've been away too long! Your blog always makes me smile Andrea. That little bee is covered in pollen! It made me laugh. And what a handsome young man you've got there. Love that candid photo on the tracks, well done!

  11. I feel like the lil bee who can dive right into the blooming fun...thank you for those beautiful snippets of your work ♥ Conny