Saturday, October 6, 2012

Mysterieux Carnival

Frosted petunias and Incipient wings are hosting the Le Mysterieux Carnival.....For those of you who are out visiting this blog party..... Here's the tale of my visit to the otherwordly event.

         It was not what I had expected.... But then it was my choice. I passed up the black spun candy and  the orange rock crystal sugar bits, the vendors in top hats selling all manner of goodies and dark treats, the glittered pumpkins and dark tule skirts under satin dresses. I slipped past the eerie rides in a dreamy dance, listening to the music of the carousel as I headed straight to the fortune-teller tents. I so wanted an answer to my question that I took the silver ticket that I had found on the seat of my car, rolled up and  filled with glitter, and handed it to the man in the  black suit.

 He was standing  guard in front of the passage into the lane where all the psychics in their skirts and scarves and beaded earrings waited. He looked at my ticket with a strange look on his face and put a hand up to block my passage. 

       I said, "But I have this ticket, it's mine..... And I need to speak to a fortune teller."

      He said, "This ticket is for The Teller of Truth's, you will find her deep in the forest. Go down the lane, follow the crow past the fields of corn, follow the trail of tarot cards until your Spirit guide leads you to the correct path. Turn when you see the fairies' garden of mushrooms. You will find her there.  If she will see you that is."

I didn't know what to think, except that I had to see her. I had to know. I started off with only a minute's hesitation and one backward glance at the tall man who watched me walk down the lane. I followed his directions, picking up tarot cards in the wide trail, and soon came upon a split in the path wondering which way to go... when I spotted a bright yellow toad hopping to the left. Assuming he was my guide I followed along. I saw the mushrooms right away and turning onto a new path. A few twists and turns later i could no longer hear the caliope or the brightly dressed carnivale people yelling out their sales pitches. And there she was behind a table full of white items. 

She looked nothing like I expected, actually she looked alot like me. Older, heavier, with out glasses and her hair was longer with a streak of gray like a skunk, but still similar to mine. She didn't speak, but she laughed to see me and started pouring some sort of salt into a bowl. She opened a vial and sprinkled something into the bowl on top.  The scent of cloves hit me. The candle flickered and her scarf blew in a wind I didn't feel. I checked out her table, it was covered in white items and she was dressed all in black. There were coins and crystals, i began to think they must have been left in payments. There was even a container of what looked like baby teeth there. I panicked when i realized i hadn't brought money. I had thought my ticket would be enough. She asked for payment, some piece of me, something i loved. I reached into my pocket without a second thought and pulled out my little rock talisman. I carried it everywhere for luck. I set it on the  table and pushed it forward with one finger, worried it wouldn't be enough. Again she laughed and gestured for me to take a star from the bowl. But then she held up a hand in caution and said..." first think hard on your question... Remember this.... The question is more important than the answer...."

I paused, but already had my question in mind..." will everything be OK for us?". This question had run through my head daily since i found the ticket. That's it, just...will it be OK? So i took a white 
star, opened it right there, and was so relieved to see the words written there. She dismissed me with a  wave and a laugh and I practically skipped away, so happy to know my answer. 

It wasn't until I was in bed that night that I suddenly "knew" that all the stars had that same message. They ALL said the same thing. I had been fooled. 

Then I thought a little farther and remembered what she'd said..... The question was more important than the answer. If all the answers were yes then you just had to ask the right question. If you asked "will I fail?" the answer was yes. If you asked "will I succeed?" the answer was also yes! I had gotten just what I wanted and needed!

The video shows just a little bit of my journey to the Teller of fortunes.

If you would also like a tiny rock like i paid for my fortune, and a white origami star of your own, leave a comment and i will draw a winner of this tiny giveaway on monday.  Thanks for listening to my tale! 

Update, I have realized the video didn't post correctly, i always have trouble with this because i ended up with two separate you tube accounts...  oh well, here's a link, maybe this will work...



  1. You, my dear, are a magical soul!! Please enter me in your giveaway!! I am still smiling from reading your tale and watching your video. :):)

  2. Brilliant video!!! very original loved it, and your ticket too , thank you for leaving a lovely comment on my blog, Debi x

  3. What a lovely video, thank you for the journey through the carnival and fortune tellers!

  4. You are a very good writer! Nice! Thanks so much for your visit. Follow back?


  5. Oooh, I would love a rock and a star. :) Great story! I had an appointment for a fortune teller once but as faith had it my car broke down on that day and I never made it there. :) Apparently I must not know my future. :)) Here is a question for you. What is the weirdest dream you ever had?

  6. I had trouble getting to view the video ....I will continue to try.....I hung on every word of your tale and loved the moral of it!
    Thank you for sharing the story and stopping by my carnival too.
    Xoxo Gina
    Gypsy Sista

  7. Thank you for the beautiful story and video. I loved the song and thought it was Led Zeppelin until I read the credits. Beautiful!!! :-)

  8. Your post for the party is so cool. I love the story and the video to see the Teller of Fortunes. Fantastic!!! :D I suppose that the question is always more important than the answer.

    Here is my silver ticket, but I need a moment to think of a question. ;P

    Ricki Jill

  9. This was marvelous!! And the song was perfection ~
    I'd love to have one of those stars ~ and thanks for the chance to win!

  10. Thanks for sharing! I enjoyed stepping into your carnival. :-) it was very creative.

    You can view my carnival digital art here:

  11. I am in wonder at this amazing tale and your video held me spellbound. What an enchantingly creative event. Bravo!

  12. I'm so glad you came over to tell me about the video and such. I would have hate to miss this post. It touched my heart. I can see your young heart looking for answers, then feeling cheated, and then discovering that all is well; even better!

    Wonderful lives are made of stories like this one.

    Through my name in the hat ;-)

  13. Wonderful story. And so true... We tend to only find that for which we seek. I'm very happy to have found your blog! :-D

  14. Loved The Teller of Fortunes. I have the same tarot deck.Thanks for visiting my blog.

  15. You have me under your spell with your storyline and video. What a great job, you deserve an award! I love, love, love the Gypsy song. Thanks for a fun walk through the woods to the gypsy camp..................Great job

    The French Hutch

  16. What a great story! Thank you for your kind comment on my post and for becoming a follower - I'm now following you back. :)



  17. Yes! The answer is yes I absolutely love your carnival post! The enchanting tale and your journey to seek the Teller of Truths are brilliant. Oh how I wish I had haunted woods like yours near me. I truly enjoyed my visit to your carnival and thank you so much for creating and sharing this. Thank you for being a part of Le Mysterieux Carnival :)


  18. I loved your story, and the video. How wonderful and magical.

    Reminds me of "Night Circus", which I'm guessing you would enjoy if you haven't read it yet...

  19. Wonderful story and video! So fun! :) Thanks for sharing! Happy Halloween! :)

  20. What an enchanting post and video... I hung on every word:)
    Thank you so so much for being a part of this!

  21. Very fun story! thanks for inviting me!
    please come visit my booth:

  22. Marvelous! Such a fabulous trip to the carnival!

  23. Your ticket is beautiful and how nice to have a video - thank you!

  24. I had such a great trip down the forest path with you. It was absolutely enchanting. Your silver ticket was beautiful and the video was great.
    I am running a little late for my party but I would love for you to visit.

    Wishes and Whimsy
    Wendy from Wonderland