Wednesday, October 10, 2012

shameless promotion

here's the latest rocks that I added to my etsy shop.....

Natasha had a good idea for coming up with something to post about everyday in Blogtoberfest... she's having people ask her questions and she answers them in a post. Her question to me was what's the wierdest dream you ever had? I have a long answer so I will type it tomorow but if you have a question for me, leave me a comment. also I will draw a winner of my TINY giveaway from saturdays post... you will have to watch the video to see what it is if you don't already know....


  1. These stones are gorgeous! I especially love the one on the moss. A question? Okay, let's see: I've been following this blog since a while now, but I've never seen fallen ladies ☺. Do you still paint them?

    1. I really haven't felt the need to paint one in about a year, i was obsessed with painting them for a few years. I have some in my etsy shop But most are just sitting in a box right now, i may do moreeventually,.... So maybe i should change my header, hmmm?!

  2. I love your beautifully painted rocks.
    Hugs and blessings

  3. I went back and watched the lovely video again! I meant to ask you...what kind of tarot cards are those? They are so pretty.

    Love your rocks!! Ingenious way to display some in a bird's nest, too! :)

  4. No need for any shame... they deserve to be promoted! Gorgeous work...
    Alison x

  5. I think painted rocks are your thing right now....definately beautiful!
    Displaying them in the nest is a nice touch!
    A little shameless promotion is sometimes the best way to spread the word about what you do...and when you do it as well as you...of course, it should be known!

    Let's see...a question?
    Ever consider drawing animals on your rocks?