Monday, October 17, 2016

Textile pieces

My new mixed media quilted ornaments.
I need a better name for these things, but I can't seem to come up with anything.
But I am having fun making them! After i made the fabric mini books and lucky penny dolls that i posted last week, i wanted to do more sewing projects so these came about. They are little art quilts i guess. I messily machine quilted a few scraps then used those to paint and embroider onto. More in the works for brooches and pendants and more ornaments.....

They should be in my etsy shop soon, i hope. I have a new mac now so i should be able to get photos fixed and posted easier.....

Happy PPF!

Sunday, October 16, 2016

Indian summer

Autumn, the year's last, loveliest smile.
-William C Bryant

Friday, October 14, 2016

New creations for my etsy shop

This week I have some little lucky penny dolls, and some tiny books to show. All will end up in my Etsy shop soon. 
The little lucky penny dolls have been living in my head awhile, and are the project I started awhile back when I said I was searching through fabric scraps. Here is how they turned out.....

I used some of my own fabric: designed on paper and printed on fabric at spoonflower, and also some purchased fabric and some hand dyed fabric. I cut out pieces for about 6 dolls but have only finished 3 so far. The faces are ones I painted and also printed on spoonflower. I am thinking of adding kits to my Etsy shop with these faces, as well as the finished dolls. 

Each one does have a lucky penny in the pocket at her waist.  I am hoping each one will find a home somewhere lovely, maybe on a kind lady's work desk, or on a teenage girl's vanity dresser to watch over her as she does her makeup, or even possibly in the tin lunch box of some hard working factory line man. They just really want to go out into the world and spread their good luck.

And then their are the three tiny books I made. Each has floral fabric over a piece of cardboard for covers. Each has three sewn in signatures of 2 pieces each, so a total of 24 pages each. All blank still but I may write and illustrate some or all with tiny little drawings before I list them. The covers have each been painted as well. They are about an inch tall and wide. 

I have plans to make some more dolls, slightly bigger than the above lucky penny dolls, that would hold one of these books in their pocket instead of pennies: called 'book dolls' of course,

Happy paint party Friday! And thanks for stopping by. 
 And if you missed my monthly small magic post yesterday you can scroll down or hit home then scroll down. Please consider joining in for a small magic post of your own!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Small magic of roadside farm stands

A few months ago I started a series of posts  on finding small magic in everyday life. By small magic I mean the tiny charming moments that you create or stumble onto that make life fun and unique and full of quiet wonder. The first post that more fully explains what I mean is here.

Please consider creating a post that shares where and how you find small magic and adding a comment with a link to your post. I would love to hear about it. (You have until next month on the 13th, when I will have a new post)

This month I am finding small magic in little shacks....
I love roadside farm stands, how can you not?
All different types, all different times of year, with quaint hand painted signs  that are usually reminiscent of lemonade stand signs, and piles of colorful, fresh, local produce.

Little tables layed out with sweet corn 
Stands with maple syrup or homemade jellies, or honey, 
Strawberry shacks in spring....

At this strawberry shack you could buy what they had picked or you could pick your own. We actually got our son, Jace, to walk along with us at this strawberry patch last June. He didn't pick any but he plopped right down in the rows and played with rocks and spoke his own language, and was very patient while we picked and every now and then gave him a berry to eat. 
I am still using the berries we picked and froze for my breakfast smoothies.

And now the roadside stands are full of gourds and pumpkins. I pass by 3 on my drive into work and there are so many more on back roads and just outside of town. A charming piece of small town autumn. 

The art of being happy lies in the power to extract happiness from common things. -Henry Ward Beecher

Friday, October 7, 2016


This week i switched from monsters to birds. I bought these little plaques weeks or months ago thinking i would carve them into a relief of a bird or a child. That didn't work so well, the wrong type of wood i am told. 

So i painted birds instead.

Then they didn't look complete without pattern behind them.

They still don't look "completely" complete to me so i am planning to glue down a small patch of some sweet tiny print fabric to just a small spot along the frame where it is now painted black. 

Happy PPF!

Saturday, October 1, 2016

Under the pumpkin spell

I have wanted to design packaging for years, so shopping at Wegmans this time of year is hard. (and of course will get even harder when they start christmas packaging soon). I get sidetracked by the autumn colors and pretty fonts. I am easily lured in by offers of homey comfort in a cardboard box or plastic bag. Images of creamy pumpkin desserts or caramel flavored anythings....

And my daughter keeps posting on her facebook page, images of fall, and saying how thrilled she is to  be able to wear leggings again. 

So i fell for it all, 
and bought all this autumn yumminess....
Just because of the packaging and some form of pumpkin spice fever!

Friday, September 30, 2016

Yet more monsters

These watercolor monsters are fun!
Maybe it is the fact that they are unplanned.
Or maybe it is the pretty colors.
Or maybe even that i was NOT going to "use" them in any way!
Sometimes, when i start a piece that I have plans for, like if i want it to "become" fabric, or a card set, or a page of a book, then the pressure is on to do it perfectly. 
With these, as with a mandala, there is no right or wrong really, and i can just have fun.

In my head, as i have been for weeks, i am still trying to come up with the cutest, friendliest and at the same time slightly scary monster for the fabric series I wanted to make, but this type of watercolor monster was just a bit of practice in my sketchbook, and so i was free to play. I don't have any idea what the monster will look like when I start just smudging on watercolor paint. But then it appears!

Sometimes a bit of play is just what you need, and sometimes the play ends up better than the planned piece. 
And if that happens, even if it is in my sketchbook, i can still use it for the end product since most of my end projects now involve a print or photo of the art and not the original anyway.

So really, after saying all that, now I realize The Difference is all in my head. 

If i could start every piece with the same attitude i start these watercolor monsters then painting would ALWAYS be just fun.
(Well, it mostly is just fun anyhow)
but my point is; I do sometimes get caught up in wanting perfection right from the start. 
And by wanting it, it becomes more a chore than a joy. 

We all need more joy!

And why is it these two of my five cats ignore me completely until I sit down to create?

Happy PPf!