Friday, June 23, 2017

Giant sale


I really need to reorganize and update my Etsy shop. After so many years of painting almost daily, the art really piles up. I have been wanting to pull my shop together for awhile, discontinue some of the older stuff and put more of my new watercolors in it. I am hoping to make it reflect more of what I am painting now.... 

so to help me clean house I wanted to offer 50 percent off the older original pieces and prints I have in stock, to make room for more new pieces, but instead of selecting certain things to discount,  I just decided to make EVERYTHING 50 percent off ! Starting today!
So if you have liked something... now is the time to get it and at a really low price. And it might be your last chance as most items will not be relisted once they sell or after the sale. For this 2 weeks you can get an original watercolor cheaper than a print would normally be! So don't wait....

I will be listing items all week so you will have to check back if you don't see what you want right away. Many of the items I have never posted or shown or listed before... I am only including them in the sale because they represent a different  path than what I plan for my shop in the future. 
Here's some things that are already listed or will be in the shop soon and on sale.....





Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Small magic of unexpected free time

There is an old folk tale, I don't remember the name, that I used to tell to the kids when I was a preK aide, and I used figures on a felt board.  It is about a man who never gets any piece and quiet in his house because  his kids and pets are so loud, and so he asks for advice. He is told to bring a farm animal, his cow, into the house. Of course that makes it worse because the cow moos all night on top of the noise of his kids and pets, but when he asks for advice again he is told to bring one more animal, his pig, into his house, and again it makes it worse because the pig oinks so much.  This goes on until he has all his farm animals in his house and he doesn't get even a wink of sleep. When he goes to ask advise for the last time he is told to take all the farm animals back out of the house so it is just his kids and pets again. He does and he is in heaven because the house seems so quiet, he sleeps better than he has in years. 

I think of this tale a lot because it really works. We don't sleep much at my house due to my son Jace mostly. If I get thinking how bad it is, it inevitably gets worse, and then, when it goes back to the way it was, it "seems" like it is better! And that's really all we need, to feel like things have gotten better. 
It also applies to free time. 5 years ago, jace's autism made him so hyper that I could not even sit down when we were outside. Someone had to stand by him and follow him around at all times because you just never knew what he might do, and he did try to run off or do dangerous things often. Now that he is 14, he is so much calmer, and I can sit in the hammock and just keep an eye on him without having to chase him. It is heaven to relax a bit. It is still not the kind of relaxing others might enjoy who are used to a different kind of free time, but to me it is wonderful because I never thought I would get here. 
I think this applies to whatever your struggles might be.... things keep changing all the time. And once you have had some sort of trouble, you appreciate the good times even more.

And he loves to relax in the hammock now too. I got to paint this watercolor and these ladybugs for my fairy garden while he chilled. 

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Handmade watercolor paints

I was loving my Jane Davenport bright watercolors, especially because my prior set never had a purple, and the colors I had didn't mix a violet that I liked. So the new colors were great for all the abstract rainbow watercolor pieces I have been creating.... I have at least 30 or so to show because I have done one a day. Bit that will have to come another day as what I have to show for today is a new sidetrack)
So anyway, even though I was loving the purples, I just kept thinking about wanting to try to paint with handmade paints, earth pigments, or even hand ground pigments from rocks. I ordered a new tiny, limited color hand made watercolor palette from imlothmelui on Etsy. Handmade watercolors seem to be very hard to come by... 2 of the 3 main Etsy shops I tried to buy them from didn't have any available because they sell out as soon as they are stocked.... but I got 4 colors and even a metallic. Along with a sample dot card to try out other colors and I am happy with these so far. I think it will be a challenge to try to do a painting with just this palette when I take it on vacation. And I am really loving just using the violet hematite alone for this heart, by itself I can get so many shades of pink, violet and almost brown.

I think I may be addicted to buying watercolors and I am even tempted to start making my own now! Who knows what paths we shall follow?

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