Thursday, August 9, 2012

share the joy

Every thursday a group of people gather here to share their joy each week....

I just wasn't feeling inspired to do these Everyday matters challenges...Either it was the sketchbook that wouldn't take water... or the subject matter, I don't know. Now that I am back to a new visual journal I am so much happier. I just love being able to add watercolor to my sketches. These first two are Everyday matters challenges ....

 EDM... draw your hand
this EDM was to draw your glasses I think

So now, even though I was in court alot and  I sketched there... at least I am drawing whatever I feel like (which brings me JOY) and adding color !

Come back tomorow... and  I will have a post with  another thing that brings me joy rocks...


  1. So talented...
    and I'm so glad you share on your blog.

  2. Oh those rocks !!!!! Drool !!!

    I love that you are holding little gifties from me in your first drawing.
    You are amazing, Artist Lady !
    Happy Friday ! Rock On !

  3. You've given me a fresh idea on how to survive the two week long jury summons that begins Monday. Perfect, joyful timing!

  4. Love all your sketches. I think the ones you draw by choice rather than challenge are more free looking. Hope you are working in the court and not enduring some personal awfulness there. those are great people sketches!

  5. you are so right...when you follow your intuition, creativity abounds! love each and every view of yours, thanks for the joy!

  6. Your court room sketches fascinate me...making stories in my head :D Your painted stones are gorgeous, what do you paint them with? :D XXX

  7. Because to see what your are experiencing through your sketch book. Love the rocks. Jury duty is not fun.

  8. Found you via WOYWW, and I'm so glad I did - I think your work is amazing. Utterly in awe of anyone who can really draw, and you capture something of life with these... I'm signing up so as not to miss anything more...
    Alison x