Thursday, September 1, 2016

5 things

Busy few weeks lately.... 
So here's a list of 5 things that made me happy....

1. Rain after so much summer without it.

2. The smell of wild phlox (true wild phlox) on my desk at work.

3. 40 years with this man... We celebrated our 32nd anniversary this week! This is us in high school...

4. Made a little pouch for my gift cards and credit cards out of my own fabric. It took only 2 8x4 pieces and 2 4x4 pieces and fleece for lining.

5. More alphabet kids painted.


  1. Wow 40 years, big congratulations, that's wonderful. So is your fabric and the charming pouch - spoonflower? Charming drawings. xox

    1. Yes, spoonflower, i LOVE spoonflower! Thanks for visiting!

  2. Happy anniversary! Lovely photos- especially the first one. It totally moved my spirit. :)

    1. The rain moved my spirit as well! It was so welcome after an extremely dry season.

  3. 32 years and counting ... you are a handsome couple and have accomplished something that fewer and fewer do. Congratulations! Love your little pouch and love your artwork. Apparently being busy doesn't slow you down :)

    Andrea @ From the Sol

  4. congratulations on your 32nd!! We're celebrating 33 this month. Time does fly...
    The phlox is so pretty. Love tyour fabric pouch as well as your watercolor art. Happy PPF!

  5. You have been very busy this week. Congratulations on 40 years. The art is fabulous and I love your card pouch.

  6. Happy early anniversary! and great photo to have to remember high scchool

    love the yak, very cute :)

  7. Whoa so much in five things!! First, yes, congratulations on 32 YEARS!! Happy Anniversary!! Amazing and inspiring. Truly. . . and the high school pic? Adorbs!
    Wild Phlox, YAY! Haven't seen any at all out here, wild or otherwise. . .
    The Alphabet Kids All look awesome! Vera and her Vulture is a fave due to us watching a vulture nest cam this summer and totally falling in love with the Vulture baby and it's devoted parents. :)
    Rain. Yes. Blessed rain. We had a good soaking this week too and though our summer was not nearly as dry as last year, I do not due well under constantly sunny skies. Especially creatively. Sun, or, I should say, unending days of it, is like a weight. A reverse SADS. . . I just must have the rain. :)
    And the pouch turned out sooooo lovely too!