Friday, September 9, 2016

5 things

Another busy week.
Here's 5 things that made me happy...

1. Going in to work early for some overtime let me see some amazing sunrises!

2. Going for rides with my son, I got to see some wonderful animals.... Deer, a bear just outside of town about 30 yards from a woman having a yard sale who never even knew it was there, bunnies, Hawks, cardinals, and this 

3. Harvesting all this from my garden! My daughter is juicing 3 times a day while she quits smoking and will probably juice this all up in no time. She's made it over a week now so I am proud of her!

4. Searching through fabric for a new project. (I know... The voice in my head says "another new project! You haven't finished the last projects yet!") but I am shushing it because it is fun to plan, and technically it is not a NEW project if it has been rattling around I my head for over a year.

5. Playing in my sketchbook just for fun. I had no plans to do anything with this piece, I just wanted to practice more monsters, like I have posted the last few Sunday's to "Sunday sketches", but This time I wanted to start with random water colors instead of with a sketch, to see if that would change them up a bit and trigger some new ideas....


  1. Wonderful monster! And a wonderful harvest. Cheers for your daughter for doing the BEST thing she can do for herself. Happy PPF

  2. love that monster, and oh my what wonderful produce to juice with. Good luck to your daughter. Happy PPF!

  3. Cutest ever monster. Those peppers are so beautiful it's hard to believe they are real. Glad I didn't have a bear behind me - yikes!! xox

  4. Excellent 5 things. The bounty from your garden is most impressive. Good for your daughter for quitting smoking. Peter is just too cute.

  5. The cutest monster! I like how you let it emerge from the paint. Wonderful garden plants for juicing. Congrates to your daughter for quitting!

  6. Peter is awesome!! :) I love the fur-world that is sprouted on his back! Do tiny creatures live there too? Well, well the garden certainly has been producing it's heart out hasn't it. That's one advantage to the hot weather you all have had on the East coast this summer.

    And the new-old project is always a good thing to do, to step away from others for a bit and revitalize the creative batteries. I often find that a new project, even though it can be maddening, allows me to refocus or gain perspective on others I already have going. . . so long as that perspective isn't to shelve them and let them become next year's new-old project. lol

    Lovely things to hold to and cherish. These are the moments we often let go of. . . in the rush of day to day have-tos. Hold tight to them. :)

    Also, yes, wonderful to hear that your daughter is kicking the habit. I never smoked but I know, from within my family, how hard it can be and how devastating the long term effects can be too. I am often surprised, since I have basically eliminated being around smokers for the last 20 years, that anyone even smokes anymore. It almost seems strange to see it now. . . but when I really look, it's still everywhere. :(

  7. the colouring technique worked really well for your monster and that is a very vibrant red pepper!

  8. Super fun! What a great exercise!

  9. Love your adorable monster...and all your amazing produce...must be so tasty Good for you daughter. Plant based diets are incredible... Hope she does well!

    Hugs Giggles