Friday, June 7, 2013


Hopefully you all at Paint Party Friday and Haiku my Heart can forgive me my long absence from posting. I would like to say I used the time to get organized and refreshed and create a ton of art.... but life just doesn't work out so easily. I did get a lot of art done so I do have a lot to show, but I will just post it in bits and pieces so as not to overwhelm...

These pieces were drawn/painted on bits of pottery collected by THEJETTY on the shores of Maine and I purchased them from her shop on etsy.

I normally am inspired by feathers, rocks and flowers, but that week I had been inspired by my recent etsy purchase. I am imagining the life of the bits and pieces i received in the mail, each piece wrapped up in tissue.... To sit and wonder about the 9 lives these items have had already... Someone, somewhere, years ago mixed the clay they were made from. Someone else molded the pots from the clay on a potters wheel, leaning in to push and pull it just so. Then the were used for years in a home, holding all sorts of mixes of breads or cookies, and the may even have traded hands once more before that waiting to be purchased at the market. How they ended up traveling miles away, broken and washed up on the shore, tumbled by the ocean, is a whole other daydream. Then they were found, collected by small hands, packaged up and shipped in the mail miles away again to me, where I  painted on them, made a small nest for them with needlefelting, and listed them in my shop to hopefully move onto even another life....

I will have them in my shop tomorrow and more to come very soon if anyone is interested.

I also showed you a picture of this little guy a few days ago... he is Kodah... right when I was trying to simplify my life... he was at the Walmart parking lot being sold out of a truck. I just went to hold him without planning to buy a dog, as I really didn't need another dog or anything else to take care of right now, but he really, almost literally spoke to me and said "you need me... I need you" so I listened and brought him home. He is the best dog ever and I am not really even a dog lover... I always favored cats more, till now!

Jumping Puppy Love
He just can't control himself
Gotta bounce then sleep

I had planned to show a sketch I did of Kodah and yet I can't find the photo of it or the sketch... so much for organization... it'll have to wait for later... so anyway, have a good week everyone! it's good to be back!


  1. What an adorable puppy! I remember puppy day. They go by so fast. :) Loving your pottery pieces.

  2. Great to see you back. I love the story behind the pottery pieces. They are lovely. Sometimes you just know when a puppy is supposed to go home with you. Have fun with him.

  3. Wonderful having you back and seeing your inspiration!
    Love Kodah!!
    Happy PPF!!
    Mixed-Media Map Art

  4. what a delight to have you back in the haiku fold! you have been missed and now once more you are here full of your usually creativity, and now a puppy! things can change so quickly when we least expect them too, welcome to puppy love!

  5. such a little sweetheart... I love your puppy haiku!

  6. Beautiful drawings and so natural on that pottery you purchased, which has stories of it's own. Love Kodah, wow is he cute.....Happy PPF

  7. Hi Andrea♥
    You are so creative...
    you art is comforting,
    like a gentle breeze.
    And although I am a cat person,
    I have to admit,
    that is the cutest dog ever!

  8. Oh how cute, thanks so much for posting pics! HPPF!

  9. How adorable. It is so true that dogs often pick their owner!

  10. Just wonderful to see you here. I have missed you, and I have also been mostly away from these pages the past few months. I love the painted shards. You do such a good job with those delicate lines.
    A puppy, eh? Well, that's a nice haiku and pegs the little darling spot on, but I'm happy it is you and not me taking care of him. Best of everything to you and yours.


  11. you and Kodah were obviously meant to be for each other. He is adorable! Love how you wrote about the life of your pieces of pottery. They are so pretty on your felted nest!

  12. Kodah is precious! LOVE jumping puppy love.

  13. Oh puppies are so full of life and you caught that in your haiku!Haiku My Heart Sunny

  14. Oh my god I love Kodah! What a beautiful puppy I can see why you couldn't resist his charms :0)

    Love those little pieces too!

  15. The doggy is adorable!!!! ♥
    And those are super cute pieces, thanks for sharing! (And nice to see you again!)

  16. So happy to see you're back. Wonderful pottery art ...

  17. Welcome back!! Beautiful ceramics pieces and such an adorable pup:)

  18. Kodah is absolutely gorgeous - I hate the fact he was being sold out of a truck at Walmart - people are absolutely ruthless when it comes to exploiting animals and soft hearted people like you whose heart will melt and you'll part with your money (as I would no doubt have done too!) I'm glad you took him and will give him an amazing life - he is beautiful.
    Your pottery pieces are lovely - the remind me a little of rune stones although the pictures aren't symbols I think it is the colour and shape of them.
    Anyway, I'm glad you're back after such a long absence!

  19. Love the pottery pieces. I to wonder about the pasts of all kinds of things. ;)
    I can see why Kodah won your heart. I prefer cats, too, but a dog taught me about unconditional love when I was young. I owe dogs a lot. ;)

  20. Welcome back!! I am so happy to see you back!! Love your new puppy, what a loving story... dogs are so incredibly special...Kodah spoke to you!! Adorable name too!! Wonderful pottery pieces too!! Look forward to more from you!!

    Hugs Giggles

  21. That puppy! There is no way you could not have taken him home! I would have , too! :)
    Love your little bits and pieces, so pretty! <3

  22. your next of little stones is sweet

    your miniature husky is a joy to see too~
    i did not know that there are mini huskies....

  23. the painted shards are just lovely as is your bouncing pup!

  24. Beautiful post, your pieces are beautiful and Kodah is just too cute