Friday, February 25, 2011

Hope rocks again!

This week I only left one hope rock as there's so much snow I didn't know if they would just get buried...

I left it on the steps of a public building, we didn't get snow for 2 days, but when I checked on the little guy he was still there, nobody had scooped it up. Then... it snowed, but when I checked a few days later he was fine, sitting quietly on the side of the steps, waiting to be found. And.... the next day he was gone!

Then I went back to the lake where I'd left the hope rock 2 weeks ago... and the poor guy had fallen off his bench and was laying underneath. Apparently noone but me sits by the lake in winter... who knew? So I replaced him on his snow free bench and we'll see how he fares. Not sure why I feel these little guys are male!?!)

1 comment:

  1. What a cool story, Andrea! I am proud of you for being persistent in watching to see who picked up your Hope Rock! I wouldn't be going anywhere lakeside while it's winter. LOL Call me a wimp. It's OK! LOL LOL

    Thank you for participating again in Hope Rocks!! I'll link up to you on next week's Hope Rock post. Hey, come find Hope Rocks on FaceBook. I'd love to see you there. Copy & paste link

    BTW I always love listening to your music on here~ I'm now going to go get the lyrics & chords for Donovan's version of Catch the Wind, so I can sing it, too! Thanks for the inspiration! Have you heard me sing Somewhere Over The Rainbow?? email me & I'll send you the link. diamond dot lille at gmail dot com