Friday, September 11, 2015

hello everyone...

been busy designing fabric.
Something I always wanted to do.
I created some a year or so ago but didn't really know what I was doing.
I had it on my fantasy 'to do' list for this year:
to win a spoonflower contest, or at least get some votes.
All the sudden I had a brilliant idea,
maybe I should actually enter the contest... 
I mean it is September and how can you win if you haven't entered?!?

so I made up a fabric and entered and have a few votes already
so ..... SUCCESS!

First I got their new book, which helped me figure out seamless repeats and such....then I made up some floral fabric like the designs in my sketchbook, although I never made it in time to enter that botanical contest of theirs. he fabric I made should arrive soon to show you. Once I started I haven't wanted to stop so I have been creating like crazy.

here's some possible future fabrics...

These are not all the finished photos. some have been half fixed in photoshop but were not done when i grabbed them for this post., On some you can see the paper has been cut in the middle to make the repeat and I still need to fix that seam up in photoshop before i upload it to spoonflower. Can't wait to show you the actual fabric....
 You can see how they look repeated at my spoonflower shop by clicking on 'designs not for sale', as you can't sell them until you have proofed them, and you can go vote for my current design in the ditsy lizards contest too. But I plan to enter everyweek or so, so there will be plenty of chances to vote in the future. I will let you know when i think I have a great fabric to vote on,
More to come.


  1. Your flowers are always so joyful,
    Happy weekend xx

  2. This is one of my dreams too....more than anything I love to make patterns. I used to do them digitally several years ago....but this is awesome so happy for you! I know how you feel! Can't wait to see what more you come up with! I remember Denthe once telling us how to do seams but I forgot!! I guess I need that book too! Love the purple and green pattern and the blue flowers are stunning too! I've always wanted to design my own quilt! You go girl! Very inspirational!

    Hugs Giggles

  3. gorgeous flowers and patterns Andrea! And a big hooray to you for taking that big step and going for it!

  4. That is very cool... These look like they are going to be amazing and your artwork is perfect for fabrics... I am really excited to see you taking this step... Love them

  5. Such a fun, great idea! I love it when I read about people beginning a new passion. All of these are beautiful.

  6. Wow these are all awesome. I do like the flowers best. Wonderful

  7. Good luck with the competition, considered entering it myself but ran out of time!

  8. oh, yes, these are addictive to make! Love what you've been doing! I had to laugh when you wrote "still need to fix up that seam in Photoshop"..... That's the most difficult part of creating these patterns I think (or the most frustrating)

  9. Very nice, I like the one with the shells!

  10. Wow! These are gorgeous! I love the combination of doodles with the florals and other combo patterns. Great job!.

  11. Congratulations for being this week's featured artist on PPF. Your work is very beautiful. Good luck with Spoonflower project.

  12. Your designs are gorgeous!! I, too am researching and experimenting with Spoonflower. Next time I am there I will support you. Congrats on being featured.

  13. These are lovely. Congrats on being featured at PPF.