Friday, April 27, 2018

More characters

Meet Willow! She loves snails and polkadots, has a strong sense of smell, and cries easily.

And then there is Laurieth.... a shy little girl, who loves reading in quite places, sketching bugs and ferns 🌱 and mushrooms 🍄 in her little notebook. 📓 She lives with Auntie Margo May in a little town in Cape Cod. Willow and Georgie and Gen are her best friends. You’ll meet Gen soon. Laurieth’s cousins, Lil’ Pea, Nut Butter and Sellie June live with her as well. 

Auntie Margo May loves cats and owns a flower shop!


  1. Ooh, I just love your illustrations. They are whimsical and beautiful.

  2. Oh, these are all so wonderful! Each one!

  3. I LOVE her! What wonderful illustrations--and what a fabulous imagination you have!

  4. Oh so cute ... :-) Love the different characters!

  5. wowness..fantastic art..these are all so magical and uniquely beautiful! everything is so enchanting..I especially love the one with the little girl wearing red polka dots..gorgeous!
    Happy PPF
    Victoria #24

  6. These are just adorable! I just love them. So charming, each one. Have a great day.

  7. Wow what a beautiful array of characters. Each one so individual.

  8. I love your art, so different and inspiring. You are a talented illustrator.

  9. These are all wonderful Andrea but can I say that it's Laurieth that stole my heart?! And I love Pink Petals and Aunt Margo May. :) Such a wonderful world you're creating there. Are these for a specific project? It seems you have a plan perhaps. . .

    I look very much forward to seeing more of them!! I continue to be reminded of how little time has passed since you began sharing your characters with us all and I am amazed at how strong they've all become. There's a confidence in the work and a sweetness that shows in and thru each of them!

    1. Laurieth may be my favorite as well. And actually I don’t have a plan at all. The little bit of character history I shared here has just evolved as I have sketched each day and tried to think what each character likes and dislikes. I decided I needed a story to bring them all together, and give me scenes to put them in as I practice different poses, so as I draw their story develops. Maybe it will grow into something by the end of the 100 days!