Friday, November 4, 2016

Talisman pouch pendants

Joy........Hope....... Strength......Listen........Brave........Focus........Grace.....

Each talsiman pouch pendant contains one word written in
permanent ink, machine stitched down over other print fabrics, then I smooshed on paint over it all. I love the gloppy way paint looks on unhemmed fabric edges! The strap is fabric cordage and in some spots i have messily wrapped it with embroidery floss or thread. It was created for you to fill with whatever talisman you like, as a holder of magic and wonder.

Here's a list of 40 things that will fit in this little rectangle pouch....

A crystal "wand"
A  few small rocks gathered from a trip or a favorite spot
A few lucky coins
3 magic beans
1 or 2 thimbles
Dried herbs
A small glass vial
A rolled up fortune
6 pistachios
1 of my tiny books
An air plant
4 marbles1 of those tiny spoons people collect
A few river rocks painted with your words if the year
A baby spoon
Your children's baby teeth
A small sewing kit
2 small tumbled quarts crystals
A lock of hair
A small test tube
5 or 6 jelly beans
An eye-liner pen, or mascara
A peanut
6 feathers
A rolled up quote
2 tiny pinecones
9 sunflower seeds
A rolled up love note
1 extremely tiny teddy bear
2 medium acorns
3 short pencils
One of those plastic wands filled with glitter
Over 10 small buttons
1 tiny bottle of nail polish, the slim kind
A "sketchbook" kit: a rolled up paper & 3 colored pencils
A stain stick pen
A lucky painted or wrapped twig
A small pewter figurine or two
A roll of dimes


  1. these are darling Andrea- and what a fab list of things you could put in the pouch! happy PPF!

  2. "3 magic beans" traded for a cow?? :p

    they are very colour and a good idea :)

  3. Great talisman creations and a super list! Xox

  4. I love these!!!! Rich and full.

  5. These are wonderful! I immediately envisioned a magic-infused world where each mage receives one of these and is then responsible for that attribute in their spells/magic. They fill the pouches with other talismans, ingredients or symbols of their power and they have to work together at times to combine their aspects, casting spells to ward off danger, create joy, instill bravery, give strength etc. :) They are so charming Andrea!!

  6. Fabulous I love them...and all the things that fit in them are so fun too!!

    Hugs Giggles