Wednesday, March 12, 2014

how to trade on etsy

recently I had a shop offer to trade with me on etsy, which I love doing...
I traded a painting....

and a pendant of that painting....

for a bunch of homemade soaps and bath scrubs and lotion from TheSnowyWhiteOwl
 I love them all....

This is a great shop, (and I am not getting anything from her to tell you.... I just really liked the items!)... and she threw in a bunch of little samples. I loved every scent!

The body scrub is my favorite, it smells like incense and patchouli to me... reminds me of going into incense shops in the 70's where they sold ceramic mushrooms and black light posters. There'd be a whole blacklight section where it was dark and interesting. I love that smell.

I have done a few trades on etsy now and I have always been pleased... the way I have done it is to have each shop enable "other" as a payment option, Then each person goes in and purchases the item by clicking on other at the check out. This way you get to leave feedback or reviews as they are called now for other potential customers to see. Etsy will still get their fee from you though so it's all OK.
To set up "other" if you have an etsy shop and want to trade, go to the top of the screen "your Shop" and click on "info and appearance", then on the side under "shop settings" click on "payment". At the bottom you will see "other". Just check it and save. You might want to change this back after the trade so your next customer won't accidentally check it.


  1. I never knew they did trades on etsy. Good to know that.
    I knew exactly what you meant by that smell of the shops with the incense in the 70s...and late 60s. I love those scents, too. Takes me back to another time. ;)

  2. Thank you so much Andrea for featuring items from my site. Your picture and necklace are priceless. Everyone loves them and it's their favorite since I posted on my fb page. I'm still looking for the perfect frame and I think I've found one I want to order in the perfect color.