Friday, November 27, 2015

new carved birds

I painted something different for a change... I carved these Storybirds months ago and they have just been waiting for a coat of paint and to be listed in the esty shop. So here they are and here's their stories....

Fortitude is a cardinal. According to Webster's New World Dictionary that means he is a bright red American songbird. That is true. According to Webster's New World Dictionary; cardinal points are the 4 main points on a compass, such as north, south, east, and west. And according to Webster's New World Dictionary, the cardinal virtues are Prudence, Justice, temperance, and fortitude.

Fortitude's mother loved to read the dictionary. That is true.


Waldorf Salad may seem like a strange name for a pretty storybird, but Waldorf Salad's Mom and Dad were only a tad unconventional. They loved to play scrabble and clue, and to flit about among the white birch and maple trees where they lived. They added bits of colored yarn and paint chips to their nest to make it bright and colorful. In their particular backyard, a human couple regularly had afternoon picnics, and thus the birds acquired a taste for waldorf salad and ham sandwiches.
Ham sandwich didn't seem like a good name for their first born child so...

when you think about it now it all starts to make sense , right?
scary huh?

 Heart is a small bird who wears her heart on her sleeve, not literally, as she has no sleeve. There isn't even a painted heart on her anywhere, but once you get to know her you will know why she is called heart. She's an open book, her feeling are out there for all to see. She has no built in mood regulator and as you might guess, no bull shit meter. She is completely and utterly sincere and her affections therefore are plainly evident.

Please do not purchase her if you are a overly sarcastic person as it might be too much for her to bear.


  1. Such gorgeous birds, Andrea. I cannot imagine how very much effort has gone into each one.

  2. I really love your sweet joyful birds.
    Happy weekend xx

  3. oh andrea! i heart them all!
    i think i may have to adopt fortitude,,,
    i am too sarcastic for heart...
    i don't mean to split up the flock, i hope no one cries overmuch,

  4. Stunning...I think they are all LOVE birds because you just can help but love them all! I could definitely see that it was a heart bird... no doubt in my mind!! I see a childs story book you should keep them they are amazing!!

    Hugs Giggles

  5. These are simply wonderful. You have a real talent at carving and painting.

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